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History behind the piece

Throughout the century magnificent hats have been produced in the different territories of Peru. Under dissimilar materials and formats in each one identities and functions that become collective forms of life are embodied.

It should be said that the hats that are currently produced in Peru are not exclusively indigenous, either because of their origin or because of the individuals who are dedicated to their manufacture. To date, Peruvian hats preserve the elements of its Hispanic heritage, not only in technique, but also in its forms and decorations in which the indigenous heritage undoubtedly also flourishes. The vast majority of hats produced have a common denominator: they have an eminently utilitarian value. However, in many cases the manual skill of the producers has made these objects bear a stamp of originality that characterizes them.

This specific hat is considered traditional from the community of Chinchero (Cusco, Peru) made in an artisanal way with pressed felt of alpaca fibers whose distinctive feature is the height of its crown, almost 10 cm higher than the rest of the hats of this typology; to this is added the detail of its wing turned inward.

Origin: Chinchero, Cusco
Size: From 55 to 60
Colors: Tobacco & Brown
SKU: 0123-47

$ 150.00