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Story behind the piece

Qolqepunku is the highest peak that rises over the Sinaqara Valley, where the festival of the Lord of Quyllurit’i is cele - brated every year. This celebration, today the maximum representa - tion of the syncretism between the Andean spiritual traditions and the Christianity brought by the Spaniards, coincides deliberately with the moment of the year in which the constellation of the Pleiades re - appears from the horizon. Before the Spanish occupation took place, the period of time between the absence and the reappearance of this constellation in heaven was called Oncoymita (time of illness). At pre - sent, on the occasion of the feast of the Lord of Quyllurit’i, the Apu Qolqepunku is venerated by the thousands of pilgrims who attend for its power in the treatment of diseases. It is celebrated then to honor the end of the precarious period that has threatened men and animals by offering actions of grace to the Qolqepunku, the “medical Apu”.

Inkjet printing with natural pigments on fine art paper.
Edition 1 of 5 + 2 AP
Measurements: 33 cm x 48 cm
SKU: 0800-22

Antonio Sorrentino