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“Lorenzo Yupanqui”

Story behind the piece

Lorenzo is an inhabitant of Patacancha, an andean community located at 4666 meters above sea level. Besides agriculture and the raising of alpacas, weaving is the most important activity for the community and also for Lorenzo’s family. As all the ancestral communities that remain in the Andes, Patacancha developed through generations a very own iconography that works almost as a language embodied in the designs of their weavings. Some foreign companies, that now employ a lot of master weavers from andean communities including Patacancha, are using the extraordinary skills of those artisans to produce new fabrics and of course new designs. It seems irrelevant, but it represents an enormous risk for their graphic language and their ancestral meanings preserved over thousands of years. Dressing with traditional garments implies a total identification with the local identity, with the renewal of their sense of belonging to the place and to the group; the colors, the designs and the technique used in the fabric of a blanket will let us recognize the place of origin of the weaver, his marital status, what kind of crops his family or his community produces, the animals they breed, as well as a complete view of their surroundings (mountains, lakes or stars).

Inkjet printing with natural pigments on fine art paper.
Edition 1 of 5 + 2 AP
Measurements: 33 cm x 48 cm
SKU: 0800-3

Antonio Sorrentino