In the need to define the essence of what is Peruvian, we find answers in the plastic manifestations of contemporary Andean culture in which the incarnation of two traditions is identified: the indigenous and the Hispanic.

In this context, ALQA - Galería de Expresions Andinas, emerges as a platform for the conservation and dissemination of these traditional artistic manifestations, which mainly seeks to generate close alliances with the indigenous communities of the Peruvian Andes that result in the sustainable production of ethnographic and popular art that respect the traditional parameters of development and historical-social meaning, and that in turn, through a commercial exercise, can be a substantial contribution not only to the survival of this valuable manifestation of cultural diversity currently at risk of extinction, but also to the development of the very artists who created them.

A L Q A, as an organization, thus maintains long-term relationships with the members of the high Andean communities, bonds based on solidarity, trust and mutual respect. The concern for the social, economic and environmental well-being of the artisans with whom we collaborate together with the preservation of their artistic expressions are a fundamental part of the organization's objectives.

To achieve these objectives, A L Q A - Galería de Expresiones Andinas has an action plan that it carries out with the collaboration and support of the non-profit association Museo de Arte Popular Andino. The amounts of acquisition of the pieces of ethnographic and popular art exhibited by the organization for the purpose of sale have been agreed between the gallery and the author through a participatory dialogue with the intention of providing a fair price that can also be sustained in the art market, taking into account the principles of equal pay for the same work for women and men.

Fostering an ongoing dialogue between artisans, community members, and representatives of the gallery is a critical step in achieving fair and equitable pricing for artistic expressions. It should be noted that the gallery as an organization, in addition to the amount supplied as a purchase concept for the acquisition of a piece of art exhibited here, adds subsequently (after concretize the sale to the public) 40% of the amount considered final price as reinvestment in the same community, in order to develop other examples of traditional art and thus be able to guarantee the continuity in the production of these valuable popular artistic expressions.


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